RideData.net Usage Agreement

The RideData.net privacy policy is hopefully pretty simple to read, but it's also subject to changing. It applies to multiple apps, so that makes it a little more complicated. Please email [email protected] with any questions. Your privacy is 100% our first priority and we don't sell data used in the app or your email address. You can only use this app if you're above the age of 18. The apps do rely on some outside libraries to find errors, review some useage stats and things like weather or map services where it applies.

Mapbox and Google maps have independent privacy policies and this app uses those services in some places where needed. Where your location is recorded for the GPS data logger, your GPS data is stored locally and in some cases on RideData.net web servers. The engine simulation part of the app does not store your location. It doesn't get sold or used in any way other than in context of the app to our best knowledge. Your privacy and trust is critical to the future of this software and it's priority #1 to protect that. Still, RideData.net isn't responsible for problems that arise from hacking though we will inform you as we learn of it within reason should something like that happen.

Some code used in the apps are based from libraries by independent developers and other companies, to the best of our knowledge we have disclosed how the data is used in general and will update if anything else comes to light. These policies are subject to change in the future and using the app is indication you agree to these terms. My name is Joshua Willuhn, I developed this app and tried to make these terms readable yet complete.

There is nothing that matters more than your privacy and RideData.net was developed to be as secure as possible.

If you have any questions email [email protected] thank you!