How to use: The Cylinder Head Detail Screen

Welcome to the Engine Sim How To Guide, check out the getting started guide if you haven’t already, this tutorial picks up where it left off. This tutorial will show you how to use the Cylinder Head Details Screen.

The average CFM across the lift range can be useful when comparing cylinder heads. The average ratio is exactly that, the exhaust:intake ratio for the average CFM.

The cam details use the cam lift and cylinder head flow data. Cam details and cylinder head flow go hand in hand to determine the engine characteristics. Intake and Exhaust help the engine favor a specific RPM range and together it is what controls the critical Air, Fuel and Spark or combustion that makes power.

Scroll to the Velocity tab for more >

Select an RPM on the graph to see the details.

Cylinder head flow velocity is a big factor in engine performance. Building a high performance engine takes considering each aspect along the way. Large ports can slow velocity while small ports limit flow.


Thank you for downloading the app and reading this tutorial!