RideData Policy and RidePlan Policy

RideData is a new an evolving app. We respect your privacy and provide this page to explain our policies for the app.

RideData is a new and evolving app. We respect your privacy and provide this page to explain our policies for the app.


RideData Uses Location GPS and RidePlan Does Not

Any use of these apps or any software by Joshua Willuhn has no warranty and is used as is. By Using the software (RideData, RidePlan, and anything from Joshua Willuhn) you agree to this policy. No refund can be provided and all sales are final as is becuase of the complications involved with refunds.

RidePlan does not use Location Data, RideData does. RidePlan uses the crash data analysis and anonymously reports when there are problems with the app. This is so we can make the app better.

Without location information RideData wouldn't be what it is. You can share this info and by default data is transmitted to and from places like Google and Mapbox to display your info on a map. It's part of the app and how it functions relies on outside libraries.

RideData is provided without warranty, as is, and you are fully responsible for your actions and anything that results from using the app.

You can transfer the data from the app to the website and doing so has no guarantees of security, though we do our best.

All demo cars used in RidePlan are estimates based on figures and specifications commonly found because they are measurements used to describe that particular car. Images of the vehicle or branding images are not used only specifications to describe the vehicle. We are in no way at all endorsing or endorsed by or affiliated with any car manufacturer or parts company listed. The stats are not exact because of the nature of them being things that have to be measured and calibrations and measuring points differ. They are not factory released specifications in most cases but are commonly found or calculated to represent that car so you can learn and take better care of the car you purchased.

We Respect Your Privacy

Your data isn't sold or used in other ways outside the app unless specified by you.

The app is rapidly changing and so does this policy

Using the app, external sensors or your vehicle are done at your own risk

We transmit some data to "Crashlytics" and "Answers" to help make the app more stable by learning what happened if you have an error.

When you use the Facebook chat bot location tracking feature the app sends your location to be stored on our database with your usename assocaited with it. When someone searches for your username using the chat bot it tells them your last location.

Uploading data to the RideData website stores your data on a public web server.

Thank you for understanding these policies and downloading the app!